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Reflex-based education and resources so it's easier to do what you love. 

Current Courses. 

A mother holding her breastfeeding baby to make feeding better


Latching Redefined
A Webinar

Do you know about the rooting, seeking, gaping and attaching reflexes? In this 90-min webinar, you'll learn the cascade of feeding reflexes that an infant's brain is wired to use, why they matter and how to use those reflexes to your families get a deeper, pain free latch, so feeding feels better for everyone.  Already joined? Click here to watch. 

a caring mother helping her baby do rhythmic movement


Rhythmic Movement 
A Virtual Course

Are you using Rhythmic Movements to help the babies in your practice? In this 3-hour virtual course, you'll learn how to unlock the magic of Rhythmic Movements to become your biggest ally in helping the families you work with, and gain access to an  library of rhythmic movement and exercise videos you can videos you use to  share with your clients. 

Young mother assisting her baby have a good latch


Reflex-Based Oral Function
A Virtual Course

Do you want more support to help support babies who have oral function challenges?  In this course, I'll teach you how to use a baby's intra-oral reflexes to get a  comprehensive understanding of their oral function, and how to use my patent-pending assessment tools to quantify and track progress. 


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