Are your latching woes keeping you from enjoying feeding time?

Put an end to your latch pain.
Once and for all. 

Get my downloadable Reflexive™ Latching Guide and learn how to be pain-free by bedtime.

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Getting a better latch is easier than you think.  

My latching approach helps make the latching easier because it walks you through how to use the innate feeding cues your baby's brain is born understanding. It's quick, reliable, and can help you end your latch pain right away.  

In the Gentle Latching™ Ebook You'll learn: 

  • A step-by-step method for positioning your baby to get their best latch.  
  • How to help them open their mouth widely so your nipple stops being pinched
  • How to position your body so that you don't have shoulder and back pain during feeding
  • An approach to latching that works with all anatomy types and babies of all ages. 



I'm ready to get a better latch.

"It was like such a simple easy fix but no one had ever told me and it was life changing! Seriously. "

Over 16 years, 4 different babies, dealing with special needs, tongue and lip ties I didn’t revise, exclusively pumping, large breast, flat nipples, elasticity nipples, mastitis, nipple damage, clogged ducts, PAIN, oversupply, engorgement… pretty much ALL the things, I have been there done that and you were the very first one I met that made me feel seen and confident. Baby and I practiced a hand full of times and got it down so well! Literally the pain disappeared immediately and we are so in sync now! It was like such a simple easy fix but no one had ever told me and it was life changing! Seriously. I did soooo much research with my last two babies and your gentle latching technique is the ultimate best thing ever to happen to us!



Here's why your latch is currently hurting you. 

Our approach to latching is missing ONE key piece of information that does not only make the whole process so much easier but also stops it from causing damage too. 

Learn How to Use A Cue-Based Latch

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About me. 

Hi! I'm Avery.

I'm a lactation consultant, new parent advocate on a mission to help make better. I've been helping families solve their feeding challenges for over a decade, and I've a latching e-book to help you show you the approach I developed to help countless families get a better latch, and now I'd love to share it with you.

"The techniques worked on my child immediately"

"The info in this ebook is so unique. I have never learned latching this way, and FINALLY it makes sense. The techniques worked on my child immediately. I was baffled that he finally opened his mouth wide for me after weeks of us not getting close to a proper latch."

Ashley Miller

Did you know that latch pain is a predictor for Post-Partum Depression?

You could push through the pain, but you don't need to.  

Latching isn't biologically designed to be painful, and when it is painful, that's a good indication that something's not working just like it could. And while you could push through the pain, you don't need to, and you shouldn't.

Did you know that latch pain puts you at a much higher risk for getting damaged or infected nipples, post-partum depression and it reduces the likelihood that you will meet your feeding goals for your baby.

And when your latch is hurting you, that's also a sign it also harder for your baby too. It doesn't have to stay that way.  For most people, simple changes that you can make right now is enough to change everything. 

Be pain-free by bedtime.